Welcome to Mary's Canvas, LLC

Mary's Canvas, a name that came to be after much consideration of how to recognize each of the Artistic Avenues that make up my personal and professional life......Commercial Photo Styling, Portrait Photography and Painting.

As a Commercial Photo Stylist of twenty years in all areas of the field: Hardline, Soft-lines, Fashion and Lifestyle, I am blessed to be able to apply my artistic skills to the work environment. The one component universal to all of my art is composition.
Several years ago, I was inspired to take my Photography more seriously when called upon to teach it to kids at a local elementary school. The kids were young, we focused on individuality, and how we all see things differently. We talked about using the elements around us to make our images strong.
The Motto each child went away with was “See it, Take it, Make it your own......”
It was shortly after teaching this class that You...Photos By Mar' was launched...... Candid Photography of individuals and their family members in an environment reflective of themselves.....Not of me. It is my goal to make the images very personal, to put the client at ease, to let them forget about the camera, and have fun........by allowing the client freedom to be themselves, photos are less posed, individuality and character become king. Composition is truly my “nitch” as my career has forever been about “making things pretty.” The photos have depth and complement the client.

The Artist and Painter is a calling I was born with.....Art has forever been a major focus .....the paintbrush a way to express myself...and yet another way to reach out to other people.
“You've been Bugged”.......... Rocks transformed to colorful expressive “Bugs”
Bugs that take on personalities that you can identify with, or with someone you know.
The bugs are tagged and named, bringing them to life in a way that touches the owner......
“Encouragement Bug, Best Friend Bug, Love bug, Sassy Bug, Grandma's Bug, Garden Bug etc....”
The objective overall is that they bring a smile.....
The “Canvas” for me is something that will forever be a work in progress. I am blessed with a God given talent, and am blessed with three wonderfull ways to actively express it and pass it along to you.

It is my wish that you will “catch yourself smiling,” when viewing the work within “My Canvas.”

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